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Ingressive lateral as a challenge of Umbule to the IPA

1. Ingressives: implosives and ingressive lateral in Umbule The linguistic feature that strikes the attention of the Umbule language is its set of ingressive sounds. There are only six language using ingressive sounds in all over South Asia. The other languages that use this phonetic feature are the Indo-Aryan Sindhi and Saraiki in India and […]

Mythological reality of Nāgmaɳi

Nāgmaɳi (& other maɳis) in mythology Nāgmaɳi (‘snake’s gem’ or ‘cobra pearl’) is repeatedly mentioned in the Hindu Puraɳas. There are many folk tales about it. Many people claim they have seen it and they have different stories about it. The hidden treasure in the Pashupati temple is reported to have the possession of not […]

Patterns of language endangerment in Nepal

Extinct Kiranti languages   1.1   This pattern of language endangerment is exhibited by a few Kiranti languages of the Himalayish Section of the Tibeto-Burman/ Sino-Tibetan language family. Another name of this pattern is language death. There are about 40 Kiranti languages spoken in Nepal. Hansson (Hansson, 1991) reports the disappearance of about 4 Kiranti languages, […]